Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess!


Well, it’s all to do with Style, which is something we develop at a very young age. From decorating my Diapers with sequins to dressing up like Bollywood Diva’s… Have done it all.


I have spent a couple of years studying Fashion & Marketing in Sydney, London, Singapore & Dubai. Each City possesses its own unique sense of style & glamour, a mix of which defines who I am today. Currently based out of Mumbai, the Fashion Capital of India, I try to explore & bring to you the best styles available around us.


Being a Globe Trotter, I always make it a point to explore the local markets of each city & pick up a few statement pieces which depict the local style. Being a major Foodie, I often set out to explore all the quirky new eateries in the city and will keep hitting you up with my top picks, hoping to tickle your taste buds.


I started my career in Fashion with a couple of Australian Fashion Brands in Sydney & soon moved on to Vogue India.

Every fashion addict has a favoured line-up of Brands that she turns to for their unique perspective on Fashion and I have a profound slant to study the creative ideologies behind all our loved luxury brands.


When I’m not on the go, I enjoy finding proof of Unicorn Existence, Watching RomComs and trying all possible Lip Colors in my PJ’s while gossiping with my girls on the phone

Hi! I'm RiVa, Fashion & Beauty Blogger.

About Us

ViVa - Creative Diretor

Fashion is an armour to survive the reality of everyday life & we are here to help you in being ahead in Fashion.


A blog that covers not only Fashion & Beauty but also Food and Travel, so as to keep you guys abreast with all the good things in life.


You Only Live Once, so let’s make it count…. Every bit of it!! 

Our intent is to add Glitz and Glam to the existence of our everyday readers.


We come as a duo – two perspectives, that quite often contrast yet complement each other. When in unison, it brings about something spectacular



Style has no age, carrying yourself with the right choices is important though!!



Do you feel anxious or doubtful about your fashion, style or look ??


Are you also 40 + ??


When your kids talk about the Joint or Food Place in the neighbourhood... Are you Lost?


Most of us especially women in 40 plus age group have an urge to ask a lot of Questions but alas.. to whom? Are there any close buddies or friends who can Help!!


Everyone would agree that looking beautiful and stylish can do wonders to your self-esteem and being up-to-date on the latest in Lifestyle trends is so YOLO.. but are we prepared for it?


Let me share a very meaningful quote with you all...

”We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing”


So, When RiVa decided to share her insight in the related domain as a Blogger, I spent a lot of time helping her with the blog. This is when I noticed a gap in the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle landscape for forty plus women and decided to be part of the Blog.


“Forty is the new Twenty", a section dedicated to all women who are forty plus, a destination for everyday Style & Beauty and Lifestyle tips.


Over the years the Fashion & Lifestyle have evolved continuously and I have traversed this path.  Today we have a plethora of options to explore … Luxury Yoga Retreats to Specialized Skin Care Products. I am confident that we can handhold you to make the right choices to help women feel Fabulous at any age.

Let’s Walk this enjoyable Path together…. Happy Blogging!


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