Flounces and Ruffles are enormously popular in fashion right now and are a great ways to add

feminine details to your dress.

The difference between the two is that a ruffle is usually

gathered at the top and the fullness carries through the entire length of the fabric, while a

flounce is usually quite smooth at the top and is fuller and wider near the bottom. During the

last couple of seasons, top designers are showing pieces with exaggerated ruffles,

voluminous frills, and structured flounce. A well-placed Flounce or Ruffle can do the job

of statement jewellery.

This fun funky Flounce Off Shoulder dress with Rose Embroidery Patch gives you a feminine

touch. If there’s one design motif that looks set to take over 2017, it’s the rose. Roses have

flooded the fashion market, with similar styles being used by all the brands.

Shoes add finishing touch to any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect

pair. For poise, complete your look with wedges.

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