Scrumptious Mango Barfi with Chef Ayesha

The 23 rd birthday of Tupperware India was a fun and learning experience which we will cherish for long. We had a lovely cookout with Chef Ayesha and all the gorgeous other bloggers. Not only did we learn the scrumptious healthy recipe of the seasons favourite Mango Barfi but also had a great time interacting with Tupperware’s all girl team.

Here is a sneak peek into the Supper yummy recipe of Mago Barfi: Step 1: Finely chop mango pieces to a pulpy consistency in a Tupperware Smart Chopper. Step 2: Empty the pulp in a Tupperware Inspire pan and let it cook on slow flame till it becomes thick, add two spoons milk powder (optional) in the pan and let it simmer on slow flame so that it dries up. Step 3: Finely crush one cup of almonds in Tupperware fusion master. Step 4: Mix the almond powder with the mango purée and cook for five more minutes. Step 5: After the mixture cools to room temperature, take a small portion and cut it out shape them as per your choice. Step 6: You can garnish the barfi with chopped frozen mangoes/ rose petals or saffron.

Tupperware products have a lot of innovative appeal, great utility, ease of use and essential for all modern kitchen. We would recommend all the moms out there to have a look at these products and pick them for your kitchens as well.

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